Sunday, 14 August 2011

Our Ramadan Gift

I hope you are well and in the best of iman.

While there are lots of Muslim Matrimonial sites out there helping and facilitating Muslims in finding a marriage partner, we found that there was a great need for a website which helped Practising Muslims find marriage partners who were also Practising. After all, a person who prays their salah, who is always striving to become a better muslim by increasing their knowledge about Islam, would but natural want to marry somebody who is also of a similar disposition.

Our extensive research showed that currently in the market there is no reputable and trustworthy Muslim Matrimonial site where Practising Muslims can feel assured that they will be matched with like minded individuals.

Therefore only this Ramadan we would like to offer you a gift. The gift of free membership! Want to know how to claim your free membership, please visit this link

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